Identifying the Noises of Your Garage Door

Well, that didn’t sound good. You might not always pay attention to the noises your home’s garage door makes when it’s opening or closing, but you know when it suddenly doesn’t sound right. So, what’s wrong with it?

Trying to identify the noises of your garage door and the underlying cause can be a difficult task. So, before you try and recreate the sound to some stranger over the phone, here are some common garage door noises we experience at The Overhead Door Company® and what could potentially be causing them.

Rumbling, Clinking, and Popping Sounds

If you identify the noise from your garage door as a rumbling, clinking, or popping sound, it could be caused by the springs or coils. Loose springs and coil tensions can cause your garage door to make a loud rumbling noise. Tightening these up can usually fix the problem.

Clinking can mean that the springs and coils are rubbing together. This can be caused by rust build up. If you hear a popping noise, then you probably have broken springs, which need to be replaced as soon as possible.

If you do need your coils and springs tightened or replaced, call The Overhead Door Company®. We can fix the problem safely and get your garage door working properly again.

Squealing, Rattling, and Vibrating Sounds

If your garage door is making a squealing, squeaking, rattling, or vibrating sound, then that may mean some parts of your garage door need to be lubricated or tightened. 

Squealing is a good indicator that parts need to be properly lubricated. Rattling and vibrating can mean that some nuts and bolts need to be tightened, but lubricating around these parts can also help.

Grinding or Squeaking Sounds

If your garage door is making a grinding or squeaking noise, that could be a sign that the roller and hinge of the garage door may have come loose. You can try lubricating these parts, but if the noise continues then call The Overhead Door Company® to come out and investigate the problem further.

Rubbing, Banging or Scraping Sounds

If your garage door is making a rubbing or banging sound, then it may need to be readjusted. If it’s a rubbing sound, then the door needs to be realigned. If you hear a scraping noise, then the door may be unbalanced. Banging noise usually means your door needs to be put back on the garage door tracks properly.

Whichever noise you identify coming from your garage door, you shouldn’t try and fix it yourself. Let The Overhead Door Company® realign or rebalance your garage door.

Other Noises Coming From Your Garage Door

There are some other noises that can indicate trouble with your garage door. Slapping noises are a sign that there is a loose chain on your garage door. If your garage door seems to be straining to open and close, then you should have someone checkout the motor on your garage door opener.

Identifying noises from your garage door can be difficult. Maybe you’re not sure what sounds it’s making, or doesn’t quite sound like anything of the noises described above. If that’s the case, then contact The Overhead Door Company® as soon as possible so we can figure out what’s wrong with your garage door and prevent any problems from worsening.

Contact Us As Soon As Possible

If you managed to identify the noise coming from your garage door, congratulations. If not, that’s also okay. Regardless, if the noise doesn’t stop, you need to call a garage door servicing professional to check out the problem.

If you need someone to help identify the noise coming from your garage door and the underlying cause, then contact The Overhead Door Company of Gainesville & Ocala™! We can help figure out what that weird noise is and get your garage door back to functioning and sounding correctly. Give us a call or contact us through our website!

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